Improving the Security in Your Office

  • Two Misconceptions About Security Cameras

    14 April 2022

    Here are some misconceptions about security cameras. They Have to Be Switched On 24 Hours a Day​ One reason why some people are hesitant to put security cameras in their homes or premises is that they assume that these cameras are always switched on and recording footage 24 hours a day. For those who only need their cameras to be on when their properties are unoccupied whilst, for example, they're at work, this might deter them from purchasing this security equipment.

  • Do You Plan to Secure Your Property with a CCTV System? Here's How to Have a Perfect Installation

    6 July 2021

    If you are looking to boost your premise's security, installing a CCTV system might be an invaluable idea. A surveillance system provides you with maximum security in your residential or commercial property all round the clock. However, that will depend on the quality of your system and the installation process. Any mistakes in the quality and installation process of the CCTV cameras will affect their functionality, compromising security. Therefore, when installing a CCTV system on your building, make sure you do the following.

  • 2 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Business's New Entry/Exit Access Control System

    26 April 2021

    If your company handles delicate, confidential information, you want to take steps to ensure that it remains protected. As part of your security strategy, you may decide that you should start with managing entry to the building by installing an access control system. One of the measures that you may have either decided upon or already implemented is the installation of an access control system. If so, you can help to increase the security of your building and enhance this system by taking a couple of simple actions.

  • Which Alarm Systems Are Best in the Home?

    2 March 2021

    There are many different types of security devices you could install in your home. Anything, from window alarms to lights that turn on when they detect movement outside, is great for beefing up domestic security. However, these are not alarm systems in their own right — they are merely individual devices that can play their part within a wider installation. Professionally installed alarm systems, on the other hand, provide a great deal more security and can be tailored to meet your individual household circumstances.

  • The Benefits of Security Cameras at Home

    29 December 2020

    Although you might associate CCTV systems with large commercial premises and high-security areas where valuable goods are handled, modern security cameras are very suited to domestic settings these days, too. This is because many of the cameras you can fit around your home are very small and barely noticeable. Just like up-to-the-minute webcams, miniature security cameras can record in high definition to produce extremely fine detail without the need for big mounting poles or cumbersome brackets which look out of place in residential settings.

  • Why Protect Your Business With CCTV?

    24 November 2020

    Closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance systems are much more advanced than they ever used to be. Even a few decades ago, you would often find that the sort of images that were captured by a CCTV system would be grainy, perhaps with one image recorded every few seconds, on an old and worn-out video cassette. With the advent of digital technology, however, such poor surveillance is no longer the norm. Not only can you record much more fluently with digital video methods, but the cameras themselves often work in high definition, thereby affording a much better view of what is going on.

  • How To Choose A CCTV System For Your Business Premises

    9 September 2020

    Do your business premises have a CCTV system? CCTV will prevent burglars from breaking into your offices and warehouses. Besides, they will enable you to monitor your employees at the workplace. Read this excerpt to learn how to choose and purchase a CCTV system for your business.  Get an Inspection Ask a professional CCTV installer to audit your business premises to determine the number and type of CCTV cameras required. The professional will need to know what you intend to monitor.